Bespoke written and designed posters for use at events, conferences, workshops and in the classrooms. We can simplify a complicated subject into a thought provoking visual display. They are visually rich, engaging and fun and offer a quick way to learn about a topic without a lot of reading or understanding.


Whether you want to initiate interaction and collaboration with scientists at events or exhibitions or create an education tool for workshops and in the classroom. We have a dedicated editorial and design team to help with your personal objective every step of the way. We will provide printed copies in any size and amount as required and also the original high resolution file for local printing.

See what we can do

How we do it

Step 1

Supply background material on the subject to be transformed. Our science writers will create a short factual piece capturing the main story to showcase. We send this to you to review and edit if needed

Step 2

Our design team will then illustrate and design the full poster. Again, this will be sent to you for approval

Step 3

Job done. We will host the poster in our digital  library giving you a unique web page for sharing and linking, we will also provide original file formats for personal use and direct hosting

Step 4

Every poster is unique, so contact us today to discuss your goals, impact objectives and budget. Prices starting from £500. Contact us at