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Scientia is a series of research publications brought to you by Science Diffusion. Simply put, we connect people: scientists and educators, policy-makers and researchers, and the public and private sectors. We provide high-quality, engaging, and relevant information for our vast audience of thinkers and explorers. Importantly Scientia helps researchers communicate their findings beyond their specialty and into the wider world. Scientia offers the research community significant visibility and accessibility to those both inside and outside the community to take an interest in science and research. Often technical, scientific language serves as a barrier to creating social impact and that’s where our publication plays a vital role in reaching a global stakeholder network.


“Visit www.scientia.global for instant free access to our digital library”

Scientia is available in both electronic and paper formats in a truly open and barrier free format. We digitally distribute and host all content online to enable a truly global and barrier free knowledge sharing platform. We also print and distribute each edition in paper format. We are strong believers that a physical copy can have a lasting impact and as much as anyone we enjoy grabbing a coffee and reading through an edition, click here to request a paper copy.

In our dedicated library we tackle the issue of current dissemination and archiving for past referencing. We offer you central access to our digital publication and article collections. The Scientia Library makes available on the internet, free of charge and without the need to subscribe, all of our primary publishing from all countries and sectors.

The Library  makes it possible to discover, study, and enjoy different areas of Science you may not be akin to. We aim to promote international and intercultural discussions and expand understandable and accessible content on the internet as well as providing resources for educators, scholars, and general audiences.